Decentralized Credit Counter Cred Protocol Releases Automated Scoring Results


In a recent report, Cred Protocol just disclosed its first credit scores for decentralized finance users. The protocol is a decentralized credit scoring startup based on the Aave Protocol.
Cred Protocol is headquartered in San Francisco and runs with a team of 9 personnel. The firm operates with part of the goal of making decentralized technology more accessible to over a billion people. Also, it has branches in both London and New York.
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In a Twitter thread, Julian Gay, the CEO of Cred Protocol, listed the modalities of the protocol’s operation. He stated how the firm used past transactions on the Aave protocol to assess customers. In addition, Cred focused on on-chain trends within the decentralized finance sector to measure future borrowers’ credit worthiness.

1/ Over the last few months, we’ve been working to build one of the first credit scores for DeFi.
Today, we’re excited to share the results of our first credit score with the world! 
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