CryptoTicker Premium – Here’s How Users Nearly Tripled Assets In 1 Month

We are certain that you enjoy CryptoTicker articles and our free trading groups, but we offer another effective product for users looking to one-up their game and get an unfair advantage over others. In CryptoTicker Premium, we provide step-by-step guidance, advertisement-free articles, curated premium content, special Discord access, dedicated trading teams to provide users with strategies and portfolio management methods, and a general market overview for a bird’ eye feel. You can join by clicking here.

CryptoTicker Premium Package Overview
CryptoTicker Premium Package Overview

A one-month CryptoTicker Premium Discord membership will cost you $90/month, but it’s a small investment, compared to what we offer in our exclusive section. It’s best for the beginners, who are trying to get a feel of what we are offering inside. If you are willing to commit further for 3 months, there’s a 20% off or $15 less than the base price per month. Anything over and you will receive a massive 40% off or $35 less than the base price per month!

Lexx In Full Glory – CryptoTicker Premium Discord

Did we discuss before that a user 3X his assets? No? Okay, let’s see now. Our resident trader Lexx gave a Smooth Love Potion (SLP) call on Oct 01 to buy and hold. At that time, the price was $0.063. This hit the first target of $0.101 on Nov 04, resulting in a 62.90% gain for the CryptoTicker Premium Discord participants.

Lexx On SLP Hitting TP - CryptoTicker Premium Discord
Lexx On SLP Hitting TP – CryptoTicker Premium Discord

Then on Oct 07, Lexx again gave one of his signature calls and asked participants to buy Crypto.Com (CRO) at $0.183. The target was $0.21-$0.34, but CRO went one step further and hit $0.39! It means if you bought it at that time, the gain was 91.6%. The users who acted on both calls made a profit of 185% – just a little shy of tripling their assets!

Lexx Giving CRO Call – CryptoTicker Premium Discord

Imagine acting on these routine trading calls and waiting for the assets to grow. You further get an overview of the entire crypto market. The CryptoTicker website is shown without ads or other interruptions plus our writers routinely make curated content, which is exclusive for premium members. What are you waiting for? You can join our CryptoTicker Premium by clicking here.

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