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If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you probably know that the volatility of the market is a challenge. It’s not easy to make a profit from your trading activities. This is where Multi HODL comes into play.

Multi HODL helps traders who want to take advantage of the market movement and multiply their crypto holdings up to x30 times without having to deal with all those technical details related to crypto investing through crypto margin trading. In real terms, this means you can multiply your crypto holdings by 30-times without actually buying 30-times more coins! Margin trading is an easy way to make money without having to use your capital.

Note: The higher the multiplier level, the higher the potential risk. Traders should trade with caution when it comes to high multiplier levels. 

What is Multi HODL?: An Introduction

Multi HODL is a margin trading tool that allows traders to take advantage of the volatility in the crypto market with a user-friendly and efficient interface compared to advanced crypto exchanges. The trading platform calculates automatically when you should sell your holdings based on an algorithm that takes into consideration the current market trends.

Essentially, Multi HODL is a tool that applies the most optimal crypto trading strategies for you automatically to extract maximum profit from market volatility using margin trading to trade crypto on your behalf. It allows you to multiply up to x30 the value of your crypto and thus extract more money than usual using only the funds you have on hand.

Unlike other crypto trading platforms, YouHodler does not charge any hidden fees for lending out your coins nor does YouHodler set a fixed interest rate for them. You can close the Multi HODL position, withdraw your funds at any time and transfer them back into your main account. 

How does Multi HODL work?

Multi HODL is a trading tool that helps you multiply cryptocurrency using the volatility of the crypto market. The idea is that with these crypto trading strategies, you can take advantage of price fluctuations and ride those waves for as long as possible, without risking all your capital.

YouHodler has gained a lot of attention because it allows users to change their crypto trading strategies and automatically perform trades based on their multiplier Level, which is an estimation of the percentage of your portfolio that you plan to HODL.

The platform calculates the percentage of your portfolio that you plan to HODL and, depending on this multiplier level, opens a loan for each different cryptocurrency in your Multi HODL portfolio. This way, it’s possible to open up unlimited positions per day. 

Once all loans have been completed, you will have the opportunity to choose between two Multi HODL closing options – Take Profit or Margin Call.

With Take Profit, you have full control over this process and can close all contracts manually. With Margin Call, the platform will automatically close your contracts at the price of the last transaction that occurred on this particular token. It is ideal for those who do not know exactly when to take profits.

Defining your Multi HODL Crypto Trading Strategies

Step 1: Choose the source of funds.

It is possible to use your cryptocurrencies in your wallet or in an external exchange, for example, Binance or Coinbase. Once you have chosen the correct one, you will be able to see your total balance and the number of available funds. These sources of funds are suitable for long-term investment and we recommend you to use them.

Step 2: Set the profit and risk levels.

This will determine the crypto trading strategies that your account will use. You can set your limit and it will be taken into account when calculating the amount due for each position closed in accordance with the specified size of the profit that you can receive. After choosing the source of funds and set the profit level, you will be able to adjust several parameters, such as:

  • Take-profit (the amount and price)
  • Margin requirements (an acceptable loss in case of a decline in prices)
  • The leverage (how much money you will borrow from the platform)
  • Risk management (you are not protected against losses above the set loss level)
  • Padding (how much you can lose before opening a position with Multi HODL)

Step 3: Close positions and take profit.

You can close any position at any time by clicking on the “Close” button. When choosing the “Buy” button, you will be able to enter your desired price (in USD or BTC). If you choose the “Sell” button, you will be able to set your preferred price, which will have to be reached before closing the position. The platform will calculate the amount of funds required to close the position and it will send an automated email with this information after 10 days.

Step 4: Repeat the Multi HODL process.

You can always easily repeat the whole process by choosing the “Repeat” button. You will be able to open positions with up to 10 times your initial deposit. We recommend that you use 20% of your current savings to invest in Multi HODL and 80% for low-risk instruments such as crypto loans or savings.


The Multi HODL system makes it simple, fast, and easy to multiply your Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies by up to x30 times without losing more than you have invested. This platform will automatically multiply your HODL by the value you have selected. From the five parameters, the main parameter is leverage. When choosing a source of funds, you will be able to see the total balance and the available funds. You can then choose a multiplier for your cryptocurrency. The list of supported coins is constantly growing and it means that we are able to offer Multi HODL for all major cryptocurrencies.

You can get started right away with Multi HODL and it is very simple. Start earning interest from the moment you invest in crypto through margin trading and trade bitcoin easily!


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