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Cryptocurrency trading software review 

Our team of trading experts used all the best crypto trading bots, both free and paid, and have examined the pros and cons to each software. After researching and reviewing these automated crypto trading bots, we have written a detailed analysis of each one for you to better understand how crypto trading software works and which trading bot will be best for your needs.  

What is a crypto trading bot?

A crypto trading bot is software or mobile app you can install on your pc and after properly configured, the bot will login via api to exchange of your choice and buy and sell cryptocurrency at a rate that is designed to perpetually deliver profits. 

How does a trading bot work?

With our busy schedules, we can’t always be sitting at a computer ready to make a trade. Using a trading bot software allows you to make trades 24 hours a day when it sees opportunities that aligns with the risk parameters you have set.  There are really two goals for this software.

  1. Limit your risk in the market
  2. Make you higher returns than if you were to just leave your money in the market. 

If done correctly, you can achieve both of these things. 

How easy is it to use a crypto trading bot?

Each trading bot functions and operates in different ways. There are some that are highly complex and require extra programming just to use while others are browser or app based that have full video tutorials and can be learned to use by end of day. 

Unfortunately most of the free ones require you to be a little bit more tech savvy but we also found some of the free ones to be more robust and fully featured. Just gotta get over that learning curve. But don’t worry because there are plenty of other automated crypto robots that are so user friendly that you will be using it in no time to make all your Bitcoin trades. 

Are crypto trading bots legal

A crypto bot is legal and essentially all big financial firms rely on these types of robots to make trades all the time. A trading robot is simply following a set of rules that you gave it but does it faster and without error. Your robot doesn’t take a lunch break and won’t fall asleep because of long hours. It’s just a more efficient means of trading.  

What are the best Bitcoin & crypto trading bots?

After years of seeing crypto trading software come and go, I didn’t want to waste your time with companies that are here today and have no plan to be here tomorrow. Below is the a list of what we found to be the best free and paid crypto trading robot software.  

Just so you know, the premium options will always be more user friendly and we do not recommend beginners attempt to use the free trading bots unless you have thorough education and feel comfortable working with api codes. 

The best crypto trading robots are frequently updated and configured for ease of use therefor you pay for a better experience without having to know how to setup code. 

Before we recommend our top trading software, we want to let you know that trading cryptocurrency or engaging in trading in any markets can be risky and we are not recommending or endorsing that you buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, especially if you are not willing to learn how to use these trading platforms and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

While we have seen great success with some of these trading robots, there is still the experience, education and applied principles, along with market conditions and a variety of other indicators that give us signals that it may be time to execute trades in the market. Having a robot just helps you automate what you already know and increases the number of opportunities you get to enter into trades. 

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