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An exhibition with the results of the first Art Residence for crypto artists was opened on May 29th at the CryptoArt Museum.

From May 10th to May 28th, the CryptoArt Museum non-profit organization held the first Art Residence for artists working with NFT technologies.

Seven artists from Russia, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Kazakhstan were selected from among more than 50 applicants. Each of them received grants from the Museum and created their works on a predetermined subject. This time, the participants worked on “Geniune Intelligence” – the personal inner world, its development and prospects for the future. This is a frequently overlooked subject that is sacrificed in favor of the more fashionable topic of robotics and AI (artificial intelligence).

The results were presented online at and at the CryptoArt Fair Tulum offline event in Mexico on May 30th.

About the CrypoArt Fair Tulum

On May 30th, 2021, Tulum (Mexico) played venue to the crypto art world. The Moonstock gallery with Papaya Playa Project hosted the Crypto Art Fair Tulum with presentations and workshops about Crypto Art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Let us take a short tour of the exhibition:

The world is now talking about Artificial Intelligence. The important question is whether this is just a powerful tool, or maybe it has something of its own that it itself is not aware of yet?

This is an artwork by MaxCryptoHead dedicated to the “Genuine Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence” theme. This artwork simulates the first successful Turing Test, a method invented by computer pioneer Alan Turing to detect artificial intelligence. If a computer convinces a human that it is a human as well, one may call it intelligent.

Amazing, isn’t it? But a bit frightening as well.

But there is always going to be something that no technology will ever be able to replace. That piece of the unknown deep down inside every human being is what we call the soul.

This is an artwork by OBLINOFF artist from Argentina. Through it, he tries to tell us: “Collect intelligence, to observe and interconnect patterns. Constantly rediscovering the depth and breadth of the intelligence in the mid-points of the phases, where being and nothingness meet”.

ANOMALITE KATE from Russia presents her own inner universe called ANOMALITISM. Each element exists in space independently and has the ability to communicate or complement another element or several of them. She wants her digital version and messages to be transferred to this universe even after her physical death.

Rinatto L’Bank from Kazakhstan shows us how familiar human forms take on new meanings. Everything is done by the artist without using AI technology.

Adran Alva, a Mexican digital artist, shows how genuine intelligence can picture AI. How he imagines processes when artificial intelligence starts thinking.

MIYAGGER, also from Mexico, is a very young but very promising video motion artist. Watch how he imagines a journey into the future that may soon become a common reality.

Quitters Arts Collective from Canada made an artwork to illuminate how genuine intelligence, regardless of AI or organic life, faces the same overwhelming entropic forces of death and destruction, being completely powerless against fate and the fundamental physical laws of the Universe.

Visitors of the exhibition will also see several works by famous artists that further reveal the topic. They were presented by CryptoArt.AI, the largest Crypto Art platform in Asia, which is a partner of the Museum.

The exhibition will run until June 15th.

Olga Filatova, founder of the CryptoArt Museum stated: “The CryptoArtMuseum was founded by an international team of professionals from different areas — crypto, art, design and business. Our aim is to show that non-fungible tokens are not just hype, but that it is a new stage in art history that gives new opportunities to both artists and art lovers. We are all passionate about innovations and want to make them useful for the development of our society. Our project is not just an online museum, since we plan to support talented artists, educate collectors, and make a contribution to the heritage of our generation. The CryptoArtMuseum Foundation is a non-commercial organization aimed at helping NFT art to develop as a full-fledged direction in art.”

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