Coinmatics Trader’s Story — Trading Strategy Ocean One

Coinmatics Trader’s Story — Trading Strategy Ocean One

We continue sharing with you the stories of Coinmatics traders. Now let’s meet the author of 3 Spot-strategies under the general name Ocean_One.

Ocean_One strategies appeared on the platform 30 days ago and showed good results. At the moment of writing this article, they have + 21.89; +35.81; +38.72% profitability.

We asked the author several questions about his experience, trading strategies and impressions of the Coinmatics platform.

Could you describe your strategies: how did the name “Ocean_One” come about?

On the Coinmatics platform, I present 3 trading strategies called Ocean_One. They are divided by the coin to be increased in the portfolio — Ocean_One — BTC —, Ocean_One — BUSD —, Ocean_One — EUR —.

Why “Ocean_One”? Good question! The name is pretty spontaneous — it came to my mind at registration of the strategies on the service. “Ocean” is associated with a limitless sea. This is an analogy of the huge number of altcoins on the market, which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. For me “One” means the first release of a batch of trading strategies. Perhaps there will be more, and the next batch will be “Two”. *smiles*

All 3 strategies are automated — it means that a customized robot automatically trades. It searches for the best entry points to the market, constantly requesting certain information on the exchange. And there is a huge amount of altcoins, so it is simply physically impossible to check each coin manually.

Statistics on Crypto Trading Strategy Ocean_One —BTC—

How did you get interested in trading? Why cryptocurrency trading?

My got interested in trading began in 2006-2008. Time flies! I started, of course, with Forex trading. But there is no direct access to trading there, and when I was at Forex, I always wanted to be closer to the exchange, specifically to spot trading. In addition, a lot of Forex brokers are “kitchens” to some extent: they do not always have access to exchange liquidity and they (especially dishonest ones) like to adjust the price chart in a favorable direction for them. Have you ever noticed the difference between broker terminal charts and public ones? 🙂

So, in this regard, the cryptocurrency market is a real exchange, where some people sell and others buy. Now I’m here.

But I didn’t trade all the time: I gave up, tried myself again, then I gave up again, a new idea came up — and I started again. In short, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Why did you decide in favor of Coinmatics to publish your trading strategies?

It is convenient and easy to use. You don’t do unnecessary actions: there is a trading account, and everything is copied from there. By the way, I almost have never met such services.

As concerns improvements on the platform: there is a need to separate the withdrawal/deposit of funds from the execution of trading deals. It affects the chart of the strategy’s effectiveness and I wouldn’t like to mislead potential investors.

And the “profit-sharing” system (when a trader gets remuneration that is proportional to an investor’s profit) is closer to me — so a trader has a constant motivation to work on his strategy, improve it and change it in accordance with market conditions. The market is never the same.

What advice could you give to novice traders and investors?

Use a cold mind when trading. Do not rush. When you test a trading strategy, do not interfere with it or deviate from the plan. In this case, there will be logical results, no matter negative or positive ones.

And remember, there is no “Get Easy Money” button. Learn the basics of trading, study the principles of trading on crypto-exchanges in order to monitor the exchange account. Because both traders and robots can make mistakes. As an example, sometimes deals can’t be made just because of the workload of the exchange.

In a word, good luck!

Also, visit our blog often, you will find many interesting articles there. And we send many thanks to our trader for taking his time and wish him new great results in trading!

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