Coinmatics Trader's Story — Trading Strategy MTC MINDTHECHART

Coinmatics Trader’s Story — Trading Strategy MTC MINDTHECHART

The Coinmatics platform is rich in professional traders and interesting people in general. And our team, having discussed together, came to the general opinion that why not to tell about our traders. Share their stories, how they started, what helped them to become who they are now. And to show that traders are people like all of us. And we are sure that our traders have a lot to tell and share with our users and future crypto enthusiasts.

So, let’s meet our first Crypto Friend!

47 days ago MTC MINDTHECHART strategy appeared at the Coinmatics platform and gained attention among many investors. At the moment of writing this article, this trading strategy has +60.2% profitability.  So, we decided to ask him some questions. Ready, steady, go!

Statistics on Crypto Trading Strategy MTC MINDTHECHART

Could you describe your trading strategy, Marco? What do you think, why do copy traders often choose your strategy? 
If you are new to the stock market and cryptocurrencies there is an almost endless amount of information to learn and can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? What resources should you use? What techniques are valid? Do you really need all these indicators? The study of technical analysis and price action led me to become an impartial and emotionless trader. But I would also add another important point — experience. When you spend a lot of time staring at charts, the patterns will become familiar overtime. Afterwards, you will gain confidence and everything will become clearer.

How did your trading career start? Do you remember the moment when you made your first trade? 
In 2013 I left Italy to go and live in the United States. I started my career path and in my free time, I was passionate about Forex. The first trade I made was on DXY. After some time I met my mentor, David. At that time he taught me everything I needed to know about investing in the stock market and got me hooked. So I decided to start studying technical and fundamental analysis. I specialized mainly in technical analysis. My passion grew even more when I learned about cryptocurrencies. From that moment I decided to invest all the time in trading and in the knowledge of it.

Why did you decide in favor of Coinmatics and publish your trading strategy there?
My partner and I were looking for a platform — comfortable but at the same time efficient service, where we could put our trading strategy. This way any person could copy and follow it. We’ve tried many, but none were intuitive and as effective as the Coinmatics crypto copy trading platform.

What is the most popular question among your investors?
Everyone wants to know when it’s time to position themselves in the market. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question. The market can be irrational. Trading above all is like a beast. Nice to look at, but ready to devour you as soon as you let your guard down.

Could you give one advice for all Coinmatics investors?
The advice I can give is the most common one. Don’t invest an amount of money that won’t let you sleep at night. Use common sense and try to learn while investing. Knowledge helps an investor a lot.

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MTC MINDTHECHART strategy at Coinmatics platform

Coinmatics team hope that you enjoyed this article and in the future we’ll continue sharing stories of our Сrypto Friends.

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