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Coinmatics Trader’s Story — Trading Strategy Crypto Rocket

We are happy to introduce our next Coinmatics trader and creator of the Crypto Lab — Andrea and his trading strategies Crypto Rocket and Crypto Rocket Lite. 

On the platform, the strategies are around 4 months and show good results: Crypto Rocket has +111.35% total profit; Crypto Rocket Lite — +113.86%.

And now let’s get to know about Andrea and his Crypto Lab!

How did you get into crypto trading? Why cryptocurrency trading?

At the end of 2019, I got interested in Bitcoin and did some training courses in order to understand more about the crypto world. As soon as I felt more confident about my skills, I started to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other coins — but only to hold them.

After that, two friends of mine, Fabio and Emanuele, introduced me to cryptocurrency trading. Initially, I was suspicious, but I gave it a chance. So, we started to set up our bots using virtual trading to study and analyze the product without any risks. In October 2020, we felt ready to start investing $900 and, after 5 months, we reached around $6000.

Why do you work as a trader? What’s your motivation?

We started to work as traders with the ambition of earning money and having more free time. Since we shared a common dream, it came naturally to think of sharing our bots and find a tool that would make this process easier. That’s how we landed on Coinmatics.

Currently, we have 4 different bots on the Coinmatics platform under the same brand — CryptoLab. Our extra motivation now is to offer the best service and profit to our subscribers!

Andrea and Bitcoin are sending you profitable vibes of success.

Could you describe your trading strategies on Coinmatics?

On the Coinmatics we have two strategies — Crypto Rocket Lite and Crypto Rocket — under the common brand CryptoLab. Both of our bots are using the Dollar-cost averaging strategy (DCA). The main differences between our strategies are mainly in the minimum capital required and in the level of differentiation. 

Crypto Rocket Lite needs $1100 as entry capital, and it is the perfect choice for people who do not feel to start with a higher amount. On the other side, Crypto Rocket with an entry capital of $4500 offers more differentiation since additional coins are used.

Statistics on Crypto Trading Strategy Crypto Rocket Lite
Statistics on Crypto Trading Strategy Crypto Rocket Lite

What’s the worst horror of any crypto trader? 

In my opinion, the worst thing is to analyze a scenario and discover that you should change something in your strategy. But for some reasons (e.g. fear, doubt, etc.) you don’t make it, and after a while, you discover that thing has become reality!

Why did you decide in favor of Coinmatics and publish your trading strategy there? We have chosen Coinmatics because it is the only platform that connects your strategy directly with API to subscribers. This reduces the time of copying a signal and increases the precision in copying trading.

We thank Andrea for taking his time and the Coinmatics team wish new great results in trading!

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