Clubhouse Media Launches New Content House for Tokenized Digital Art and NFT Sales

Clubhouse Media Launches New Content House for Tokenized Digital Art and NFT Sales

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Yuri Molchan

Clubhouse Media will use its 280 million social media audience to start selling tokenized unique digital artwork and content items related to NFTs

A fresh press release from Clubhouse Media Group says that the company intends to create a new content house to enable top-notch artists, experts in crypto and personal finance, influencers, crypto investors and NFT lovers to come together in one marketplace.

Clubhouse Media plans to tokenize content made by creators and market it on popular platforms along with tokenizing digital artwork to prepare it for sale.

Focus on creation and selling of digital art

With its new content house called BlockhouseCH, the company intends to obtain newly made pieces of art from in-house creators, tokenize them and market them on platforms like

It will also seek to purchase promising pieces of digital art from creators beyond the platform for tokenizing and selling them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Creators invited to the new content house will be creating digital art, and influencers will be marketing it to get it sold.

BlockhouseCH will also ensure the creation of special social media content for audiences interested in digital currencies, personal finance, angel investing, collectibles, NFTs, etc.

The president of Clubhouse Media, Chris Young, stated that BlockhouseCH will be the first crypto-focused content house to combine all things crypto and NFT. BlockhouseCH is the expert in pitching these new products to investors and other interested parties.

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