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Cardwallet Passes The Occelerator Incubator Program, And Is Going To Build Cardano First Non-Custodial Full-Featured Wallet For Cardano Native Tokens

CardWallet is specifically made for Cardano ecosystem. Occam Association makers of Cardwallet announced that their wallet has passed the first stages of the Occelerator incubator program. CardWallet team will build full-featured wallet for Cardano native tokens. Cardwalet also joins Theos and is the first projects to pass through the Occelerator incubator.

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President of the Occam Association, Mark Berger said:

CardWallet is a feature-rich non-custodial wallet developed exclusively for the Cardano ecosystem. After working alongside the expert CardWallet team during the last few weeks, we are certain that CardWallet is poised to make a huge impact in the Cardano ecosystem. We’re excited to welcome them to the ecosystem through the Occelerator incubator.

CardWallet will enable cross-chain swaps of hundreds of assets across multiple underlying blockchain protocols, with access to deep liquidity through CardWallet’s exchange partners for Cardano native tokens.

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Mastercard and Apple Pay fiat to crypto payments will be supported from CardWallet from launch, with minimal transaction fees.

CardWallet also have mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

All Cardano based tokens can be easily stored, exchanged and traded on CardWallet.

Card wallet will not require any personal information or registration to use its features.

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CardWallet plans to offer Cardano (ADA) delegation natively through its app, as well as return optimization mechanisms for other Cardano native token staking and yield-generating products.

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