Can You Trust The SecuX Hardware? »
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Can You Trust The SecuX Hardware? »

SecuX strives to develop comprehensive solutions for securing people’s valuable digital assets through blockchain technology. Not just that, with strong supply chain management and flexible design capability, they also provide tailor-made products for a variety of different needs in the field of digital asset protection.

Since its release, SecuX V20 has become a flagship product of the Taiwanese manufacturer. SecuX V20 hardware wallet device offers secure cold storage by creating and storing your private keys offline.

secux wallet hardware

The SecuX V20 is a premium hardware wallet that supports many popular cryptocurrencies along with thousands of Ethereums-based tokens.

The device can also be integrated with third-party wallets to manage ERC-20 tokens, making it the most versatile option on the market today.

SecuX V20 – Price

The SecuX hardware wallet provider’s flagship product, SecuX V20, is available for $139 on its official website.

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In comparison, the Ledger Nano S comes at around $59, and the TREZOR One retails for about $80. As we can see that both devices are somewhat low-cost than that of the SecuX device. However, the main difference is their design – most notably, a touchscreen display on Trezor’s product lineup.

If you prefer to have more features or want something simple without any bells and whistles, it might be worth investing in either of these two products, Ledger and Trezor One.

However, suppose its security and price transparency are your top priorities when choosing a hardware wallet solution. In that case, the SecuX V20 hardware wallet should be high up on your list of potential options.

SecuX V20 – Unboxing

SecuX V20 wallet comes in a tamper-evident seal. The device itself is placed in a leather cloth bag that protects the device and contains its accessories.

Inside the box, you will find:

  1. SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet
  2. User Guide – Quick Start Instructions
  3. A warranty card along with a certificate of Authenticity for your hardware wallet, including custom engraving to identify it as yours
  4. MicroUSB Charging Cable

In the user guide, instructions are clear and easy to follow, so you will not find it difficult to set it up by yourself without anybody’s help. You will also get lifetime technical support.

SecuX V20 – How to Create a New Wallet

In order to create a new wallet on your SecuX V20 hardware device, the process is quite simple.

When you turn on your brand new device by pressing the button for 2 seconds, you will be asked to set up your device’s pin code and name. 

After that, you will see two options, “Create a New Wallet” or “Import an existing one.” You will need to select the first option to set up your new wallet. The device will then generate your 24 words long recovery phrase. At one time, you will see six recovery words on your screen.

It is best to write down all the recovery phrases on your recovery sheet in the correct order.

In the next step, you will need to confirm all the recovery phrases.

That is it! Your new SecuX V20 wallet is ready to be connected with your device.

SecuX V20 – How to connect it with your computer

Once your new hardware wallet is created, you can join it with your device, computer, and laptop through a USB or Bluetooth connection. To connect it with your smartphone, you will need to connect it via Bluetooth.

The easiest and fastest way to transfer and receive your crypto assets on the SecuX V20 hardware wallet is by using the platform’s online interface dubbed SecuXcess.

To do so, visit the SecuX website and press on My Wallet, showing on the top right corner. You will need to enter the OTP(One-Time Password) on your device showing on your wallet device. Once done, you will see your wallets’ homepage to check your crypto balances and also to perform transactions.

SecuX V20 – Design and Composition

The SecuX V20 hardware device’s design comes in with high-quality stainless steel. The exterior case is made out of a single piece and has the engraving “SecuX” on it, so if somebody tries to open your wallet from its backside, they will not be able to do that without leaving any traces. As for the inside part, there are no screws or other parts left visible, which makes it hard to tamper with the device.

The V20 device has a 2.8 inches screen that displays essential information like the wallet’s balance and private key. Moreover, the device also comes with a Micro USB charging cable to connect to any regular power source or a computer.

Additionally, the device has two buttons – one for confirming your transactions and another helps you switch on the screen backlight.

The SecuX V20 hardware wallet comes in three different color versions: black, white, and blue. It can be purchased from SecuX’s website or through Amazon, with free worldwide shipping options available.

SecuX V20 – Security

SecuX V20 wallet is equipped with a high-quality Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+(Secure Element chip), which helps store your unique PIN and private key securely. Such vault-grade security enables zero transaction leakage, surpassing those adopted by banking systems as protection from online attacks. Your transactions will be verified without the private key ever leaving the device.

The SecuX V20 is safe to use, as it has a unique PIN and password, which you have to enter every time the device boots up. It also features an AES-256 bit encryption for its wallet that keeps all your assets securely stored in one place. In other words, in case of a hacking attempt, they wouldn’t be able to access them without knowing your device’s pin code.

Additionally, the wallet device will encrypt any data leaving the wallet through a USB port with 128-bit encryption beforehand. In this way, your information is always protected even in the transition without making you vulnerable while on the public Wifi network.

. The wallet’s battery life spans from three days on standby mode and two hours when in use, so you can conveniently store your assets on the device and make transactions at any time.

Lastly, It is also waterproof and shockproof, so you can use it outdoors or in the rain without ever worrying about damage.

SecuX V20 – Chrome OS supported Web Application.

Nowadays, Google Chrome dominates the web browser market by nearly 70%. SecuX V20 wallet adopts a web application designed to manage your hardware wallet passively through either a host device, like a PC or phone.

It is similar to accessing blockchain online from anywhere and at any time to retrieve all of your crypto assets in one place. On the other hand, Brave and Opera browsers that use the Chrome OS as their foundation are compatible with SecuX V20 hardware wallets as well.

SecuX V20 – Cross-platform Wallet

SecuX V20 hardware wallet is compatible with all renowned operating systems such as Windows OS, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. 

Additionally, it’s easy to access your files on the go when you need them as the V20 version of the SecuX hardware wallet is also accessible on all kinds of devices, including laptops running in Windows or MacBook for daily use. It also supports other major platforms like the iOS system.

SecuX V20 – Pros and Cons


  • User Friendly User Interface
  • Uncompromising Transaction process
  • Top-notch security for crypto storage
  • Personalized wallet and account scalability
  • Cross-Platform OS compatibility
  • Long-lasting, durable device and best for on-the-go use


  • A bit larger in size than its competitors because of its 2.8” screen
  • A small number of coins support

SecuX V20 – Supported Cryptocurrencies

As of writing this piece, the SecuX V20 wallet supports all the ERC-20 tokens and other popular coins in the market like BTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, LTC.

Understandably, the lack of Altcoins support can be considered as a drawback for the hardware users. But SecuX plans on adding more in the future. So if you are okay to do transactions of these cryptocurrencies, then the wallet is for you.

The SecuX Wallet also facilitates its clientele to buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin(LTC) through Coinify. You can purchase them against your USDT assets from Coinbase. In this way, you will avoid paying high fees when buying crypto through the SecuX solution.


As we know that, choosing the right wallet can be a complicated process. It should provide security and blockchain verifiability at its best while also delivering ease of use. 

SecuX V20 hardware wallet has been created with all these needs in mind, which is why we think it would be perfect for you.

The SecuX V20 hardware wallet is not for those who want to store their cryptocurrencies in one place and make transactions from a single device. The only way you can use this wallet is by connecting it to your computer or laptop, but its security features are unbeatable at the moment. If you are looking for an affordable solution, then this could be just what you need! 

Furthermore, the SecuX V20 hardware device is built on military-grade technology so that your funds will remain safe and secure even if your device gets stolen or lost. But do not worry; this does not mean that the product is hard to use. The device interface is designed to make sure you can easily navigate through it no matter how experienced you are in crypto investing.

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