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Starting in April 2021, Coinbase now syncs up so you can buy Bitcoin and your other favorite digital assets right from your PayPal account. 

Since you likely already have your bank and payment information saved in Paypal, you can swiftly and easily purchase up to $25,000 of crypto per day.

This is currently available for US citizens but there are plans in the coming months to expand this offer to let people in other countries buy crypto with Paypal. 


One of the most popular platforms to buy Bitcoin with PayPal is on LocalBitcoins. The platform connects buyers and sellers directly, who can now decide the payment method to adopt. Instead of dealing with the platform, you would be dealing directly with an individual. Thus, you have to ensure that the seller is credible so that you don’t get scammed. 

Payment via PayPal on LocalBitcoins is a matter of trust. The seller has to be sure that the buyer wouldn’t initiate a chargeback while the buyer has to ensure that the seller is genuine and reputable. The two can agree on a set price and proceed to carry out their transaction afterward.

To use LocalBitcoin, enter your country and the number of BTCs you would like to purchase. Once you do that, you can choose from the list of sellers available and message them directly. You can choose from your local sellers or any part of the world. Complete the trade after agreeing with the seller. Once you complete the deal, you can use the BTC on any cryptocurrency exchange or transfer them to a cold storage wallet for safekeeping. Either way, you get to hold the actual BTC. 


  • You will meet various sellers
  • You can negotiate the price of the BTC with the seller to what is suitable for you
  • The transaction is often swift.


  • Fees are usually high as sellers fear buyers might initiate a chargeback
  • There is a high probability of being scammed.


eToro is a social trading platform that supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They allow users to purchase BTC using PayPal. However, the cryptocurrency can only be used for a limited purpose. eToro doesn’t allow its users to withdraw the BTC to another wallet or send it to someone else. The BTC can only be changed back to fiat currencies like the US Dollar and Euro and withdrawn afterward. 

Thus, with eToro, you can purchase BTC with PayPal, save it on the platform, and withdraw when the price of the cryptocurrency surges higher. The platforms only allow you to speculate on the price of the asset and withdraw to fiat currencies when you are ready. Thus, making it perfect for people looking to just invest in Bitcoin. 

You don’t need a Bitcoin wallet when using eToro as you don’t get to hold the real BTC. This process is easier for people who don’t want to go through the technical aspect of buying and storing their BTC on a cold storage wallet or other wallets. 


  • The transaction fees are low
  • They accept PayPal and various other payment methods


  • The service is not available in certain parts of the world
  • You don’t get to hold or withdraw the BTC. You can only withdraw them as fiat currencies

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Paxful is another peer-to-peer marketplace, similar to LocalBitcoins. The job of the platform is to connect you directly with the seller, after which you can negotiate the price and conclude the transaction. 

We still advise people to tread with caution when dealing with P2P marketplaces as they are filled with scammers. So the buyer has to be careful who he/she deals with and choose only the best and most reputable sellers.

To purchase BTC with PayPal on Paxful, select the payment method, and choose from the list of sellers displayed by the platform. After chatting with the seller and agreeing with the seller, the BTC will be kept in escrow and released to you after paying for it. Failure to make payment within a specified period (usually 30 minutes) leads to the termination of the deal.


  • Access to sellers from all parts of the world
  • Easy to use 


  • High exchange rate
  • Risk of getting scammed.

xCoins is a platform that loans people Bitcoin instead of selling it to them. However, the process could still be regarded as selling instead of lending. To get BTC with PayPal on this platform, visit their official website and indicate you want to loan BTC. 

This is followed by a short ID Verification process. The next step is to deposit the USD equivalent of the Bitcoin you wish to borrow, including the processing fee and interest rate. Once you do that, agree to the loan agreement and make the payment. The BTC will be credited to your account right away. 


  • Easy to get BTC with PayPal


  • High transaction fees and interest rates
  • Unclear business model

How to buy large amounts of bitcoin

If you want to buy large amounts of bitcoin, you can go through different brokers that offer over the counter transactions. This means you can get a discount because you’re willing to buy larger volume of coins. 

If you choose to use something like Local Bitcoins, be very careful as it is more likely you will get scammed vs going through a reputable Bitcoin broker. 

Closing Thoughts

Purchasing Bitcoin with PayPal remains an issue for various reasons. Most platforms are yet to support PayPal payment due to chargeback features that user’s abuse. However, you can easily purchase BTC from any of the platforms reviewed in this post. While each of the reviewed platforms has its pros and cons, they all make it easy for people to buy Bitcoins with PayPal. Some of these platforms also support the purchase of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero using PayPal. 

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