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Brave Taking Aim At Google As Brave Launches Search Engine Beta With Privacy-Protecting Feature

Crypto Web Browser Brave has entered the search world with a new beta search engine that protects privacy.

The platform aims to take over Google, which collects personal data and browsing habits while serving targeted ads and customized search results. But Brave faces a tough battle with the tech giant, which accounts for over 90% of the market.

In a June 22 announcement, Brave said it has launched a beta version of Brave Search built into its browser, offering users “the first independent privacy search/browser alternative to big tech.”


Users wishing to test the non-privacy-tracking Brave search engine will find it at It was built around an independent index that does not track users, their searches, and their clicks, and will appeal to those looking to avoid tech-based surveillance products like Google search or Microsoft Bing.

The search engine will include a “Google fallback” option for those who still want to use the results from the global tech giant’s search engine or if they dont get enough results they wanted.

Brave Search will initially not serve ads, avoiding Google’s primary way of monetizing search results. However, in the future it will offer free ad-supported search along with a paid option without ads and will include its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

“When we are ready, we will explore bringing private ads with BAT revenue share to search, as we’ve done for Brave user ads.”

Chief Executive of Brave browser, Brendan Eich sais that it is crucial for the success of Brave search to get a lot of people searching on Brave Search.

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