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Brave (BAT) With Over 20 Million Daily Users Was Found By The Mozilla Founder – FREEBTCTAP

Brendan Eich was born, July 4, 1961, Pittsburgh, PA

Brendan Eich may be a cpu scientist and original creator of the JavaScript programing language.


Eich co-founded the Mozilla project which manages the open source development of the Firefox browser. he’s also the CEO and co-founder of Brave Software, a start-up that’s building an open source, privacy-focused browser, also as a blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

​The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, in an attempt to enhance the safety, fairness, and efficiency of digital advertising through the utilization of blockchain technology. it’s the native token of the Brave browser and is made on top of Ethereum

To be honest the story of JavaScript creator, Brendan Eich is nothing if not inspiring. Right from his first accomplishment at creating a programming language to heading Brave, an internet security company redefining the browsing experience, he has seen all the highs and lows. At this juncture, budding developers consider Eich a role model and look up to him to drive their journey to success.

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