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Bitmain Released New Mining Machines For DOGE And LTC

Bitmain released new mining machines for DOGE and LTC and it is almost twenty times more powerful than the last ones so let’s read more in our latest Litecoin news today.

China-based blockchain journalist Colin Wu tweeted during the Antimner L7 expo and discussed the hashrate of the new machines is nineteen times faster than L3+. Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has also put a premium on mining hardware this year. During an exposition in Chengdu today, Bitmain released new mining machines designed for mining LTC and Doge as per a tweet by Colin Wu.

Wu reported the new miner, the Antminer L7 with a hashrate of 9500MH/s and requires 3425 watts to run and the L3+ Bitmain miner on the contrary is still advertised on Amazon as the most powerful Litecoin miner with a hashrate of 504MH/s. Bitmain’s new model retails for 100,000 yuan per unit and the company offers an overseas discount of 13% and expects to deliver the first miners by November this year.

To make the most of the year’s bull run miners sucked up the world’s supply of graphics chips and CPUs so the only miner listed on Bitmain’s website and the s19j is sold out so others are listed as “coming soon.” And this is not just Bitmain. PC gaming diehards were struggling to get their hands on the new NVIDIA chips so powerful GPUs like the company’s GeForce RTX 3080 and more that are for gamers were very efficient at mining crypto especially Ethereum.


Nvidia announced it was cutting the hash power of the units and then it announced its own Ethereum miner, the CMP or Crypto mining processor. At the end of the last month, Quartz reported that there was a global shortage of Nvidia chips that pumped a resale price by about 300%. while the crypto market is no stranger to fluctuation which is a bad day today with prices down by 5% and a feverish demand for the new hardware showing that in mining circles at least, crypto is expected to stick around.

Nvidia announced that it will cut the power on these units and it then announced that its own ETH miner the CMP or crypto mining processor so at the end of last month, Quartz reported that the shortage of Nvidia chips pumped release prices by about 300%.

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