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BitcoinVend The World’s First Complete Crypto Ecosystem

Initially focusing on attracting the individual user and small merchant, the future will see the release of our more institutionally focused desktop version. Now, some might be thinking, “What’s new about that? Sounds like just another wallet…”.

To start, what makes BitcoinVend special is that it´s all-in-one, safe and incredibly easy to use (Crypto savvy or not).

It combines everything required to create a self-contained yet borderless ecosystem with very few limitations; it can be used simply for listings and a platform for counterparties to communicate.

The most unique element is that the App is somewhat community managed. Users build (or lose) reputational scores, disputes are resolved by other users, users ´police´ the system like bounty hunters or private investigators. There are even plans to integrate voting for policies, governance and feature integrations as well as enabling users to run network nodes etc. This is thanks to core design elements and a partnership with BCVT token.

There is no solution like this. This is what Crypto needs to turn adoption dreams into reality.

A collaboration with Platinum Crypto Academy will help us reach a large scale crypto user, trader and investor base allowing us generate a wider community audience for all things BitcoinVend.

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly chief Editor Karnav Shah expressed “how delighted we are to be working with BitcoinVend a company whos true vision is aligned with the fundematals of what Bitcoin is really about. Highlighting this project to our community is an absolute pleasure as even our organisation is need need of some of the key merchant services. I look forward to a long and properous realationship with BitcoinVend and the team.’ 

The App will be available to the general public in June.

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