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Binance Lists Terra 2.0 (LUNA), Completes Airdrop

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Binance: Terra LUNA Airdrop Is Complete, Users Can Now Access Their Funds In Their Spot Wallets.

Binance has completed the planned Terra LUNA airdrops to LUNC and UST holders affected by the recent price crash. The crypto exchange announced the good news in a tweet.


The airdrop was conducted after the launch of Terra 2.0 on May 27. Prior to that, pre-attack and post-attack snapshots of users’ accounts on the exchange were done. The snapshots were then used to determine the number of new LUNA tokens distributed to each user.

How To Check For Airdropped Tokens On Binance

Binance also gave out a simple procedure on how users will check for their tokens. On the distribution page, users will be able to see their new LUNA tokens by unchecking the “hide 0 balances” option on their spot wallets.

LUNA Deposits Enabled

Binance also announced that users will now be able to deposit their LUNA tokens on the exchange. Withdrawals will be re-enabled on June 1st. Terra LUNA and UST transactions had been suspended following the sudden price crash of the tokens. The launching of Terra 2.0 came as a relief to users as they got airdrops to compensate for their losses.

However, Binance has clarified that the LUNA airdrop will not be available to people in the United States or other sanctioned countries. The exchange has had legal issues that have threatened to keep it out of the US market. It’s not yet clear how US users using the exchange will receive their compensation. Terra had advised users to transfer their token to the Terra station and await the airdrop.

Binance List Terra 2.0 LUNA

Besides supporting Terra 2.0 and LUNA airdrops, Binance will also list the new tokens on its trading platform, although the token will be initially listed in the innovation zone. The exchange is one of the various crypto platforms that have expressed support for Terra 2.0 and the new LUNA.

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