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Awesome Community Videos About the Digitex Platform

We’re thrilled to see the Digitex exchange gaining traction. In a raging bull market with bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) making staggering gains and marking new all-time highs, there really has never been a better time to take advantage of the volatility by trading commission-free. Digitex allows you to keep all your profit and even pays you while you  trade through our Liquidity Mining program. Check out some of these awesome videos to get a better taste of the platform and find out what the community is saying.

Digitex Futures Is the Best 0% Fee Exchange of 2021

Of course, you already know how much we love our platform. But don’t just take our word for it. In this super-bullish video by Danny at UP NEXT CRYPTO, he takes a look at promising meme coin $DOGIRA and then focuses on Digitex (from 08:12), calling it “the best zero-fee exchange of 2021!” Check it out: 

Danny says Bitcoin futures trading is made so simple on Digitex thanks to zero fees, high liquidity, and a one-click interface. He also says that Digitex is one of the most beautiful platforms he has ever seen for trading. “I think this is going to be my daily use platform for trading,” he enthuses. 

He focuses on the interface, and looks at the graphs, charts, order books, contracts, and UI that “is just so clean.” And he briefly shows us where we can see all our open positions and unmatched orders, where to set market, limit, and stop orders, and where to adjust the leverage. 

Danny explains how the exchange is powered by the DGTX token and, as such, you’ll need to own DGTX if you want to trade on the platform. “The zero fees thing is really really important. They’re saving you a lot of money by not having to pay these fees,” he adds. 

He also points out that zero fees let you execute trading strategies that you simply can’t on any other exchange; “not Huobi, not Binance, not Bybit, not BTSE… none of these huge platforms have trading with zero fees.”

Danny loves the benefits of one-click trading, saying that Digitex has “gone above and beyond” to enhance the trading experience. He also speaks about the Liquidity Mining program that pays you to trade, saying, “This is a feature I have not seen before.”

He emphasizes the importance of our “battle tested” matching engine that’s been working since 2019 and proven itself capable of handling over 22 billion contracts in 24 hours on crypto’s first trading ladder interface. 

“This has to be one of my top picks for 2021 for any platform for you guys to start trading on, the cleanest-looking cheapest platform for your trading needs.” 

How to Place Stop Loss on Digitex Futures

Next up, we have another awesome video from Digitex frequent trader CoinCollector, whose latest walkthrough of the Digitex platform we featured last week. In this short informative clip, you can see how to place a stop loss on Digitex Futures. Check it out:

Stop loss orders are extremely important when trading in volatile markets to protect yourself from heavy losses in the event of the price quickly moving against you. CoinCollector says that he has seen a few traders struggling to set up their stop loss on Digitex, even though it is “pretty straightforward.” So he walks us through the steps very simply in his video.

He gives two examples of how to do this, on a long position and on a short position. Starting with a long position, you go into a market long position and then click on “Stop Market” and click on “Sell” — this is because you will want to sell your position at some point to ensure you don’t get liquidated if the market turns bearish.

In his first example, he enters the long position at $58005. So, he will type in the sell price at $57995. He then clicks on “Set Sell Stop” and the order will be automatically  triggered once this price is reached, to get out of the position with a small loss, “saving you from a big loss.”

It’s exactly the same with a short position, except that you place a stop loss to the upside. “We want to protect ourselves if the BTC price rises too high.” To do this, we click on “Buy” and we protect ourselves to the upside. CoinCollector goes in at $57935 and wants to protect himself by buying at $57960. He clicks on “Set Buy Stop.” It’s as simple as that. The order will be triggered if the price goes against you. If you still have questions, CoinCollector says to feel free to type your comments below the video.

Fast, Zero Fees Bitcoin Futures Trading on Digitex | Full Exchange Review

Finally, if you haven’t seen long-time Digitex trader Mika’s video yet on the exchange be sure to check it out. Once again he delivers an enthusiastic and bullish review, walking through the website, the features of the exchange, the trading UI, and the fact that the spot markets are coming soon. 

He places particular focus on the amount of money you can save through our zero-fee model, especially when using leverage. The standard 0.075% quickly becomes a large percent of your profits (7.5%!) which makes short-term scalping extremely hard and even impossible on other exchanges. 

He’s very thoughtfully recorded his video in English and in Russian so you can choose the version that suits you best below.



Thanks so much to Danny, CoinCollector, and Mika, and to all the traders who trade on the Digitex platform. We’re so happy to hear you’re loving it and we’re working to make it even better all the time. Many thanks for the amazing videos, and for all your continued support. Don’t forget that you can always let us know if you have any comments or feedback. Until then, happy trading!

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