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After Andrew Yang, Another NYC Mayoral Candidate Embraces Bitcoin

Move over Andrew Yang; Eric Adams is the latest mayoral candidate to express his interest in converting New York City into a Bitcoin hotspot.

While several in the crypto-verse consider the United States not very crypto-friendly, the mayors of several cities across the country have been taking a plunge into the industry. The financial regulators of the US have evidently been harsh on the crypto industry over the last couple of years. Despite this, authorities from different cities seemed to be keen on embracing Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, is an example of the same.

Following the trail of Suarez, Eric Adams, a front runner in New York City’s 2021 mayoral election, revealed that he was all for crypto.

Andrew Yang’s vision of a crypto hub continues to persist

Andrew Yang, who was also a presidential candidate, cut short his campaign and withdrew from the imminent mayoral elections after acquiring poor results in the preliminary data. Several crypto lovers had their eyes on Andrew Yang as he promised to elevate the crypto scene in the city. Back in February 2021, Yang took to Twitter and stated,

With a similar vision, Eric Adams from the Democratic party suggested that citizens of NYC would witness a change regarding digitalization in the city. This list included bitcoin as well. In his election night party speech, Adams said,

“I promise you, in one year […] you’re going to see a different city. […] We’re going to become the center of life science, the center of cyber security, the center of self-driving cars, drones, the center of Bitcoin. We’re going to be the center of all the technology.”

Furthermore, with digitalization as his primary goal for NYC, Adams was seen leading the mayoral election. Therefore, Adams’ victory could be beneficial for the crypto-verse as well the NYC’s crypto lovers.

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