Adidas To Enter The Crypto Market? Partnership With Coinbase Underway

The crypto-verse has witnessed the entry of an array of high-profile firms. Sportswear platform, Adidas is the latest to veer into the market. However, the sportswear giant isn’t alone as a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase was seen welcoming Adidas into the world of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto market has been booming. As the digital revolution was underway, cryptocurrencies were at the forefront of it. Starting from scratch to becoming a trillion-dollar industry, Bitcoin [BTC] and all the other coins in the market have come a long way. Now, with the emergence of NFTs, prominent firms, actors, singers, sports personalities have recently become a part of the industry.

German sportswear firm, Adidas went ahead a teased a partnership with Coinbase. While no intricate details were revealed, Adidas was rather vague with its announcement.

Adidas partners with Coinbase

In a recent tweet, the sportswear giant dropped a hint about entering the crypto market with the tweet that read, “We’ve partnered with @coinbase. Probably nothing.”

Crypto fans, as well as enthusiasts of the sportswear brand, were excited and confused over this tweet. Coinbase decided to acknowledge and affirm this union with a mere handshake emoji. The tweet read,

Fans that were confused started coming with conjectures about the same. While some suggested that Adidas would soon start accepting crypto as a method of payment, a few others suggested that the firm could be diving into the NFT space just like its rival Nike.

Just a couple of days ago, the sportswear giant bought a piece of land on The Sandbox. These activities certainly suggest that the firm was going all-in on crypto.

Speaking about its rival Nike’s entry into the world of NFTs, a Twitter user [@nftfuturist] stated,

“Nike needs to step up they are only dabbling with Roblox Nikeland whereas Adidas is going head first in to the crypto metaverse with coinbase!”

As the community awaits an official announcement with more details, the sportswear firm’s entry into the market has got everyone delighted.

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