A Guide to Using Blockvila Wallet
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A Guide to Using Blockvila Wallet

A Guide to Using Blockvila Wallet

Blockvila is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria and also offers a crypto wallet where you can store cryptocurrencies. This guide will show how to use the Blockvila web wallet and how to use it.

Sign up to www.blockvila.com

You will be redirected to a registration page. all you need is to input your desired email and click continue. A confirmation mail will be sent to your inbox.  

After confirmation, you will be redirected to a page to continue your registration. Input your desired username and click continue. 

Once your username is registered, you will be redirected to a kyc page. In this page you will be required to verify your account by submitting identity documents and also verify your phone number. 

Blockvila wallet

Once you are verified on Blockvila, you can begin to conduct different transactions. Blockvila supports four crypto wallets including bitcoin, ethereum, tether and its native token Vila. In this tutorial we will focus on bitcoins. 

To deposit bitcoin scroll down the wallet page and click buy and sell crypto now button. 

This will redirect you to the wallet dashboard. Click the copy section to copy the wallet address. Once it is done, you can send the address to friends to transfer bitcoins to you or copy to another wallet to send bitcoins. 

How to withdraw cryptocurrency on blockvila

Withdrawing your coins on blockvila is simple and follows a similar process to depositing. 

Head to your wallet and click withdraw 

You will be redirected to the withdrawal page where you fill in the relevant details. This includes the BTC amount, and address you are sending to. Once you complete it click submit. 

This is the simple way to withdraw your cryptocurrencies from  your Blockvila wallet. 

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