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A Doncaster Woman Was Left Breathless When Scammed For Thousands Of Pounds In Crypto

A Doncaster (England Town) woman trusted a online scammer and lost thousands.

Eloise Jackson was shocked when she came to know that £8,500 had been taken from her. The 27 year old was researching how to invest in cryptocurrency and fell victim of online scammers.

Eloise said:

“I was reading news articles on my phone about investing so I assumed the resources included would be reputable. I trusted that they would be fact checked but it was a scam.”

Eloise said, Neuer Capital looked very real and she did not know she was dealing with scammers – even her bank believed the scammers were legit when the case went to fraud team.

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“When it hit me that the money was stolen and I wasn’t getting it back I had a desperate cry,” she said.

“I couldn’t breathe and I fell apart. But I fear for people who are desperate for money who could lose their life savings and end up in a really bad situation.

Cryptocurrency is a new way of investing and Eloise fears that the scammers are using this new way of earning against people.

“I knew about people who had invested in it but personally I knew little about it,” she said. It can be exciting to feel like you’re jumping on the bandwagon early to something.“But if you’re not familiar it could make it easier for you to be scammed out of your money.”

Unfortunately Eloise did not got her money back.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to check everything over and over, she said. You’re not being silly for being careful.Just look what happened to me.”

She said she cannot believe how people do frauds and then go to sleep at night.

“I can’t believe there are people who could do this to a pregnant woman. How do they sleep at night?”

Eloise advise all new comers to be very careful when investing in crypto.

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