42,000 Axies Banned Over Multi-Account Abuse | Axie Infinity Ban Wave Update

By Shiela Bertillo

Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, announced that they have banned 24,000 axies across ~10,000 Ronin accounts last Friday, November 19. The ban wave was due to violations of their terms of services.

“To reiterate, any attempts to alter the devices you play the game from are a clear violation of our terms of service. We will continue to work hard to protect the efforts of the millions of Lunacians who honestly contribute to our community,”  the developers wrote in a prior statement.”

Earlier today November 23, the game published an update regarding this ban wave. 

According to the new update, a total of 18,505 axies were banned as they were involved in “systematic abuse of the multiple accounts rule.”

“This involved situations where one human was playing and earning in-game resources on multiple Axie game accounts over a 24 hour period. This type of abuse is harmful to the economy and community– we collectively must work to hold each other accountable to our rules,” the developers explained.

Further, the developers reminded scholarship givers to ensure that their scholars are not misrepresenting themselves and that each scholar only has access to one account.

“Some actions that can be taken to prevent this include scholarship applications that quiz applicants on the Axie terms of service, and video interviews,” the developers also suggested.

In line with this, Axie Infinity modified the ban terms over the weekend upon discovering an error in their detection algorithms. They also updated the terms of service to make the rules around multi-accounting more clear. 

The “innocent axies” alongside other axies that were sold on the marketplace prior to the error in detection wave have all been unbanned.

“We also recognize that some of the banned axies belong to well meaning-managers who are still learning how to best screen scholars. The bans in this wave have been reduced to 90 days which we believe gives managers a strong incentive to ensure that scholars are only playing on one in-game account,” the game developers wrote.

They also reminded the players, managers and investors to reread and consider the updated Terms of service as “future ban waves will be less forgiving.”

Last September, Axie Infinity also conducted an extensive ban wave for players abusing the energy system where around 30,000 axies were sanctioned.

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