Family Resource Center, Inc. (FRC) (Formerly Women’s Resource Center, Inc.) is a private non-profit agency incorporated in 1987 to establish a counseling program and a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our services began in 1986 with the opening of our emergency shelter for women and children. Since that time FRC has expanded its services to include all victims of violent crime and families in crisis.

Family Resource Center opened its doors with a clear purpose –to end family violence. It has been a long but fruitful journey from our first one room office to our now four unique facilities.

— Services for All Victims of Violent Crime and Families in Crisis —

Break the Silence, Stop Family Violence


Family Resource Center’s needs remain, as we serve victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and other violent crimes, it’s an awesome experience when we’re unexpectedly, presented with funds on Friday that will help us to continue this work. These are designated funds and and can only be used for the specified purpose. We remain grateful that we were selected.
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We see you Vivian!!! We see you!!!!


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